Snow Leopard Vodka

Spirits style bottle with label stating Snow Leopard Vodka by Edrington (Polmos Lublin), from Lublin Province, Poland.

Snow Leopard Vodka

This is a premium vodka which undergoing a complex 6 stage distillation process, using rare spelt grain and natural spring water drawn from an artesian well. In-turn, it is expertly filtered twice over charcoal to produce a soft, smooth and full-bodied exceptional tasting vodka. It’s tough husk protects the grain from external pollutants and results in a freshness not found in any other grain. Spelt is grown without the use of pesticides or fertilisers and is typically five times the price of other grains used in premium vodka production.

Snow Leopard Vodka is crystal clear in the bottle and glass, with aroma of minerally, wet stone and hints of brown paper, cardboard and ‘marker pens’. The spelt has a mineral, clean, fresh, distinct woody nut taste with pronounced peppery spice, herbal grass notes and the merest hint of liquorice.

• Suitable for Vegans & Vegetarians

• Charity Donation to the The Snow Leopard Trust.

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