About Sybarite Cellars™

noun: sybarite; a person who is self-indulgent in their fondness for sensuous luxury.


The Sybarites of ancient Greece were seekers of life's greatest pleasures and sensuous luxuries which undoubtedly extended to drinking fine wines. Sybarite Cellars was born to reflect our shared love for wine (occasionally enjoying it a little too much), but our main intention has always been to find and enjoy sophisticated terroir reflecting and sensual pleasuring wines.

Italian, German, French & Spanish Wines

We buy wine on taste and quality only, not on the name. Many of our wines are produced right on the edge of the traditional geographical appellation, often superior in quality to the more well known vineyards, but without the label pricing.

Through experiencing the local tastes and cultures firsthand, we have been introduced to many of our smaller producers enabling us to offer some more unusual and interesting wines.

We work very closely with our suppliers as understanding the harvest quality, any changing vinification methods and viticulture practices heavily influences which wines end up on our list.

Charity Donations

Sybarite Cellars, and the Sybarite Group of companies, are truly passionate about sustainable wildlife conservation, and work to support projects that can be financially self-sustainable, enhance habitats, wildlife populations and associated ecosystems, as well as incorporate and benefit local cultures and communities.

Following our sustainability beliefs we contribute funds, and often practical input, from sales of various products…please read more about the conservation organisations we support.

Free UK Delivery

According to Athenaeus of Naucratis, the 2nd-century AD author of The Sophists’ Banquet, the Sybarites kept Sybaris, an ancient city in southern Italy, supplied with wine through a network of ‘vinoducts’ that reached far out into the surrounding countryside.

Whilst we haven't yet cracked their innovative vinoduct delivery system, we are able to offer you free delivery on all UK mainland orders, provided goods are being delivered to a single delivery address.


by all accounts, the Sybarites pursued the sensual pleasures of life, and those of wine and olive oil, knowing of the “positive” effect it had on their sexual health1


Welcome to Sybarite Cellars, please enjoy the website.....and then the sensual pleasuring wines!



P.S. please read 'The Sybarites: Fruit of the Vine' for a little more history on the vine and its influence on ancient civilisations.

1 MONDAINI, N. MD (2009) Regular Moderate Intake of Red Wine Is Linked to a Better Sexual Health. The Journal of Sexual Medicine 6(10), 2772-2777
Book cover of Alan Tardi’ Romancing the Vine; Life, Love & Transformation in the Vineyard of Barolo - a sensual pleasuring pursuit.
Black & white photo of an attractive brunette serving champagne at a Sybarite Cellars wine tasting in our London office. Dionysian find, a balsamarium, a small ceramic of the ancient Sybarites, depicting a Sybarite wine banquet in southern Italy.