PURE Vodka

Spirits style bottle with label stating PURE Vodka by WM Spirits Ltd, from Essex, England.

PURE Vodka

A simple, ultra-premium, ‘organic’ vodka, brilliantly taken back to its purest form.

100% natural ingredients - no artificial flavourings, no sugar, no preservatives, no additives, no colouring and no carbs - vegan friendly and gluten free.

PURE Vodka is small batch distilled, by hand, in the UK, using techniques to distil to the equivalent of ~100 times the purification of traditional pot still distillation, enabling the development of flavours far superior to those of mass-produced vodkas.

Wheat based, light, refreshing, citrus clean tasting notes, with floral undertones of cut grass and from the wheat.

• Organic

• Suitable for Vegans.

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Bin No. ENO/ENNV/192

Case Price (6)
Equivalent Bottle Price: £41.20

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