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Well done, that is correct!

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Just in case you fluked it, here's the explanation:

  • The barrel containing the Chianti was the one marked 20 gallons.
  • The Barolo barrels sold to the Piedmont Bar were marked 15 gallons and 18 gallons, making 33 gallons.
  • The barrels sold to banker Rumport were marked 16, 19 and 31 gallons, making 66 gallons.

This means that the Piedmont Bar received 33 gallons of Barolo, and the banker bought twice as much - 66 gallons.

...or 10 cases of Chianti and 50 cases of Barolo.

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Wine Quiz, the story of Galtem the Guzzler; 5 barrels of Barolo & 1 of Chianti, with the liquid level in gallons on the side.