Ferdinand Saar Quince Gin

Spirits style bottle with label stating Ferdinand Saar Quince Gin by VDP winery Forstmeister Geltz-Zilliken, from Trier-Saarburg, Germany.

Ferdinand Saar Quince Gin

Freshly harvestet Muscat quinces, a rare Pear Quince strain, growing behind the distillery as well as an infusion of our Rausch Kabinett are the basis for the regional homage to the british Sloe Gin.

Ferdinand’s Saar Gin is light and fruity on the nose. Perfectly balanced to be deliciously sweet but not sickly in any way. To taste, delicate rose-like florals emerge alongside the juicy, caramelised fruit tones of the quince.

Both the wine and gin’s complexity reveals itself thereafter with layers of subtle spice, sharper citrus and a resinous underbelly all intermingled with the minerality of Rausch Kabinett.

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