2012 Firmino Miotti, Torcolato Breganze

Veneto sweet wine style bottle with label stating the 2012 vintage Torcolato Breganze by Firmino Miotti, from Veneto, Italy.

2012 Firmino Miotti, Torcolato Breganze

Produced in Breganze, the product is created with extreme attention and careful selection of the vespaiola grape. In order to dry the grapes, they are coiled (intorcolà) on a string in an aired atmosphere.

The Torcolato Breganze is a wonderful colour of gold with intense aroma of cooked apple, honey, apricot, raisins and dates. It fills the palate with flavour - freshness from the vespaiola grape allows it to contrast the sweetness and therefore is not overpowering but elegant.

Bin No. MON/IT12/179

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