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The story of one Galtem the Guzzler...

This is the story of one Galtem the Guzzler, a backwoods purveyor of wine. It seems that one day he bought an odd lot of merchandise that included five barrels of Barolo and a barrel of Chianti.

Galtem, historically from Tuscany, kept the barrel of Chianti and sold off the Barolo. Part of the Barolo he sold to the owner of an old wine bar in Piedmont and ’twice that amount’ to banker Rumport, a connoisseur of fine wine. This finished off the five barrels of Barolo.

None of the barrels had to be opened for these transactions. The barrels were clearly marked with the number of gallons each contained.

  • How many gallons of Chianti?
  • How many gallons were sold to the bar in Piedmont?
  • How many gallons were sold to banker Rumport?

To create the answer to the puzzle, put each answer together in sequence to form a six digit number...

e.g. 10 gallons, 2 gallons and 30 gallons, would be 100230.


The story of Galtem the Guzzler wine quiz; five barrels of Barolo & one of Chianti, numbered to state the wine liquid level.
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